Our Featured Content is concerned with salient issues affecting capital investment and finance decisions that directly impact the health and long term viability of organizations.


This includes politics, finance strategy, accounting , competitive outlook, global economics, investments, human capital planning, innovation and R&D, sustainability, marketing, operations, logistics and other considerations that organizations analyze to address the key performance indicators to ensure competitive advantage and sustainable growth.


These issues must be addressed  while meeting ESG Goal, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder demands.

Every decision made in a business has financial implications, and any decision that involves the use of money is a corporate financial decision. Defined broadly, everything that a business does fits under the rubric of corporate finance. See Stern NYU School of Business Management

Key Finance Planning Decision Making Activities including the following:

  • Analyzing the interactions between innovation, growth, and sustainability
  • R&D
  • Developing a Sustainable Finance Model
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Governance/regulatory compliance for sustainability.
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Market Planning

Although funding every business operation requires a delicate balance of highly complex corporate finance considerations, structuring and modeling which incorporates risk tolerance and rate of return policy helps guide decision making for superior results. For more information, see Strategic Insights.