Our New Flagship Financing programs are active in several sectors including commercial real estate, corporate finance, working capital, equipment finance, receivables, credit and asset based. We work with you to lower the average weighted cost of capital (WACC) so you can achieve sustainable growth (SGR). We also have finance programs for emergency or debt reduction companies with strong revenues but without excellent credit. Our Special programs include:

  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Technology
  • Credit

Finance, strategy, innovation, technology, and operations execution are the keys to competitive advantage and sustained growth! Count on our solid experience for best implementing practices that lead to sustained growth (SGR) which is one of 37 variables that measure enterprise value. We employ a comprehensive approach to help any business develop a sustainable growth model. Our business development company (BDC) provides a range of financing solutions to middle-market companies, primarily in the U.S.
The ability to evaluate corporate sustainability risks from a financial perspective and understanding how to mitigate these risks is critical to long term growth and sustainability. Our strategic finance practice focuses on:

  • Analyzing and understanding the interactions between growth, innovation and sustainability
  • Developing a model for sustainable growth
  • Capital budgeting, working capital, market and strategy decisions