We Are Committed to Serving the Small Business Community with a full range of financing solutions for Working Capital, Property, Plant and Equipment, Leasing, Inventory, and Business Acquisition. We provide up to $5 Million per transaction, with over $6 Million provided to small businesses on a Monthly Basis.

Our Range of Small Business Funding Solutions Include:

Short Term Loans | Working Capital | Property, Plant & Equipment | Expansion for business Growth | Finance Structuring | M&A | Partnerships | Emergency Funding | Consolidation

Our program provides short and long term solutions to ensure liquidity to cut finance expenses. We provide a combination of funding avenues that may include unsecured and secured loans based on credit, assets, receivables, inventory financing, or a combination of factors. We invest directly in businesses and have partnered with private equity and venture capital firms, banks, and a strategic network of investors to provide short and long-term financial solutions for most situations. We also provide capital raising services with our Private Placement Program under SEC Regulation D, rule 506 et seq. In addition to our financing solutions, If you plan on raising more than $5M in a series of funding rounds, a better option is our Private Placement Program.

For emergency funding, we provide decisions within 24 Hours allowing receipt of funds within 2 Days.

For Financing Complete the Funding Request Form:  Funding Request  Form

Business Profile and Funding Request

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For Working Capital or short term financing, please complete a business profile. Grow your business or cut expenses with an Unsecured Business Loan – Bad Credit is OK, and NO Personal Guarantee or Collateral is Required!

Fast Approval For Emergencies | Receive Funds Within 24 Hours

We have a high approval rate because of our unique way of providing Unsecured Business Loans! Receive funds in 1 day! Start taking your business to next level today! We strive to loan as much as possible to each business.

Over $6 Million Per Month Loaned To Small Businesses

Call us at (800) 791-6962 for more information on our Small Business Finance Programs.


In addition to our financing solutions, we offer a full range of finance planning services designed to cut costs, create sustainable growth, increase competitive advantage, and increase shareholder equity to provide a secure future for small businesses. Learn about our Finance and Capital Planning Services that will help strategically grow your business, achieve competitive advantage, and plan for sustainable growth, click finance planning:  Finance Planning

If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 791-6962 for more information on our Small Business Financing Programs and Capital Control Services to achieve sustained business growth.

In addition to finance solutions, we offer advisory services on growth strategy,  strategic planning, management, continual process improvement, operations management, marketing, FP&A, IT, and Logistics to increase competitive advantage.  We’re vested in our client’s growth and dedicated to helping you succeed in every way possible through superior insight, strategic planning, operations management, and financial planning & analysis.

For more information about our strategic planning services please visit: Strategic Planning Services