Human Capital Planning

Overview The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Human Capital Framework (HCF) provides comprehensive guidance on strategic human capital management in the Federal Government. The framework provides direction on human capital planning, implementation, and evaluation in the Federal environment. The HCF’s flexible structure supports organizational agility […]

Insight and Analytics

Analytics are a part of IT infrastructure, and is used to drive decision making for all business practices, processes, and operations. From simple forecasting to predictive analytics, the insight gained from analytics can be utilized to secure a competitive advantage in the market. This requires […]

Featured Content

Our Featured Content is concerned with salient issues affecting capital investment and finance decisions that directly impact the health and long term viability of organizations.   This includes politics, finance strategy, accounting , competitive outlook, global economics, investments, human capital planning, innovation and R&D, sustainability, […]

Competitive Advantage

Achieving Competitive Advantage  Competitive Advantage is market standing and positioning that enables an enterprise to produce or offer a good or service of equal value at a lower price, or a superior product at a higher price than competitors. These positions allow an enterprise to […]

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth Planning is comprised of the Four Pillars of organizational resilience strategies that include Competitive Advantage, Enterprise Efficiency, Operations Management (Sales/Marketing/R&D), and Global Enterprise Risk Management (GIRM). All assets, human capital, intellectual property, investments, operations, Information technology, and communications, regulatory compliance, and privacy must […]

Our Journey Begins

Corporate finance is important to all mangers because it lets them know the company’s financial situation before any decisions can be made within the organization. It helps managers develop strategic financial issues associated with achieving goals.