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We strive to provide premier private equity and capital advisory services firm focused on creating competitive advantage, sustainable growth, and portfolio management for achieving above average returns. We partner with and invest in growing enterprises for lasting ESG impacts, providing experience and objective advice to a wide range of enterprises on capital structure, portfolio management, finance, and strategic resource allocation to strategy execution of multi-faceted balance sheet structuring and finance operations.
By combining rigorous fundamental research, analytics, and a global perspective, we  pursue compelling investment opportunities and strategies, working with investment teams to create collaborative partnerships. We engage with companies at critical stages of development providing structure, business intelligence, strategic planning, resources allocation and capital planning methodologies to ensure sustainable competitive advantage and growth.
About Millennium Management. Our Capital Advisory service is dedicated to helping firms maximize shareholder returns with sustainable finance strategies with an emphasis on creating and sustaining Environmental, Social and Governance Impacts (ESG) through Investing in markets, segments, companies, and communities having an emphasis on advancing technologies, practices, products and services that advance cleaner environments, sustainable energy, global peace, equity, and fairness.
We partner with and invest in companies with secular sustainability drivers that create positive ESG IMPACTS while adhering to strict investment risk adjusted returns. Our research indicates that companies who embrace ESG impacts as a goal have higher earnings, growth, and valuations than those that do not adopt ESG sustainability as a core tenet.
We employ best practices in strategic planning, operations and portfolio management specifically tailored to meet the stringent demands of our investment return rate policy objectives. We created one of the most comprehensive and diverse capital advisory platforms in the World partnering with over 250 strategic global partners operating in eight sectors for superior insight and operational effectiveness to market dynamics.


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Our strategies create lasting impact for investors, teams, stakeholders and the communities within which we serve and live. We employ consulting-based approach to private equity investing, partnering closely with management teams to offer insights that challenge conventional thinking, build great businesses and improve process excellence.
We use deep industry knowledge together with strategic partnerships, syndication, and alternative sourcing to create customized integrated approaches that solve complex finance and liquidity problems. We create working capital management plans, reduce the average weighted cost of capital, and improve financial intelligence.
Our strategies are designed to promote peak financial efficiency, maximize invested capital, increase plow back ratio, increase free cash flow, and guide capital investment decision making for sustainable growth, while achieving ESG Goals.
Capital markets facilitate the flow of money to businesses and investments that optimize financial, societal and environmental impacts. Sustainable finance planning is imperative for continued viability in all organizations.
We account for all forms of capital and manage it while understanding how financing decision impact long term profitability and growth. Our Strategic finance sourcing and capital planning practice can help accelerate your enterprise to market leadership.

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