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Grow Without Capital Constraints!

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Direct Funding

Underwriting facilities and Investor Partnerships for Comprehensive Solutions

Finance Advisory

FP&A, Resource Allocation, Complex Accounting, Forecasting and Full BPO support

Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory – Debt Restructuring, Debt/Equity conversion, and Debt Capital Market Placement 

Tax Advisory

Tax strategy planning, Annual Tax Law Update and proactive client alerts all aspects of tax and accounting best practices.

Over $3 Billion Funded since 2020, over $8 Billion Since 2015 

Initial Funding From $7k -$5M

Increase sustainable growth with Strategem! We’ve designed the most diverse, comprehensive, and innovative funding platform in the United States, with options range from working capital and mortgages to private placement up to $5M initial funding with successive rounds to IPO. Our segments include small businesses, commercial enterprises with annual revenues over $5 million, and corporate/institutional services for organizations with revenues more than $50 million. We also provide 24-hour emergency funding! 




Strategem was developed to provide short and long-term solutions to ensure liquidity and reduce the cost of capital. We provide a combination of funding avenues, structures and platforms that include unsecured and secured loans based on credit, assets, receivables, inventory, or a combination of factors such as revenue multiples.

We invest directly in businesses and partner with our strategic network of investors for syndication for long-term financial solutions tailored each scenario. We also provide capital raising services with our Private Placement Program under SEC Regulation D, rule 506 et seq. In addition to our financing solutions, If you plan on raising more than $5M in a series of funding rounds, a better option is our Private Placement Program.