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Strategem is our new innovative advisory and business funding platform comprised of four integrated components. Our Business and Corporate funding platform combines 18 funding types for complete financing solutions with direct underwriting and syndication. Our deep expertise and insight combined with the Strategem platform enables us to provide comprehensive solutions solving complex problems and continual process improvement for lasting impact.


Capital Markets

Market Investing and providing insight-driven investment strategies for our shareholders, clientele, wealth & asset managers and partners, while serving as market intermediaries.

Portfolio Design & Analysis

Providing insight-driven portfolio design, analysis and transformation for our shareholders, investment banks, wealth and asset managers, and clientele.

Governance and Compliance

Providing full governance and compliance services to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, and clearing houses.

Technology Advisory

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

Finance & Risk

We offer insight-driven organizational resilience and  risk management strategies, risk management infrastructure, and  ORM programs to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, and clientele.

Portfolio Management

We provide insight-driven portfolio analysis, design, and systems infrastructure to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, and clientele.

We help implement industry best practices considering the transfer-ability of such practices from one organization to another, differences between industries, companies, and management styles. We cut through the complicated maze of managerial styles, practices, and imperatives to arrive at solutions to to complex problems.


We deploy situational and other types of analysis to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our analysis begins with macro and microeconomics, finance, accounting, marketing, and a wide range of bench-marked performance metrics, KPIs, KRIs, and OKRs that central to all organizations, while reviewing organizational specific variables for situational awareness.

Trust Our Team Of Professionals.

Transforming Analytics & Business Intelligence with key capabilities in systems design, implementation, and full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) support.

Analyze and Execute Business Processes

Transforming Analytics & Business Intelligence planning  with key capabilities in infrastructure planning, market dynamics, customer insight, as well as descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Innovative Ideas

In today’s economy, strategy, business intelligence, agile operations, voice of customer, and sustainability are deciding factors in competitive advantage. We offer extensive research, planning, design, and operations management support for sustainable bench-marked results.

Bringing Insight, Creativity and Innovation

We’re Working on Global IT, M&A, Finance, Human Capital, Operations Management, Digitization, and continual process improvement projects and Projects. Our team of consummate professionals Are at Their Best bringing Insight, Value and Sustainability

Our Workflow & Process

Our workflow process includes situation analysis, conceptualizing and documenting system and project management requirements, leading collaborative PM processes, implementation of agile project tracking and management methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, DSDM, Lean Software Development, Crystal, PRiSM Analysis, Workforce Utilization, Critical Chain Project management (CCPM), Critical Path Methods (CPM), Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2), and hybrid methodologies.