Achieving Competitive Advantage 

Competitive Advantage is market standing and positioning that enables an enterprise to produce or offer a good or service of equal value at a lower price, or a superior product at a higher price than competitors. These positions allow an enterprise to generate more sales or superior margins compared to its market rivals. Competitive advantages are attributed to a variety of factors including cost structure, branding, the quality of product offerings, the distribution network, intellectual property and customer service. When designing a Competitive Advantage Strategy, market positioning goals must be carefully considered, planned, financed, implemented that are consistent with and aligned to enterprise goals.

Market Planning

Achieving competitive advantage is very expensive but very much worth the expense, since it allows an enterprise to control a certain percentage of market share in that industry. Competitive advantage is one of the four pillars of sustainable growth. There are Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy which means that all must be taken into account when designing a market position. Analyzing competitor strength allows design of a differentiation strategy which customers can use to evaluate alternative market choices. Maximum enterprise efficiency initiatives must evaluate a combination of standard financial and managerial accounting metrics that identify, measure, analyze, interpret, and communicate information to stakeholders for the pursuit of organizational goals, risk reduction, and to protect successful operations from disruptions. Employ strategic planning initiatives that result in improved operations, increased efficiency and productivity.

We consult with industry leaders to improve performance through analysis of existing operational and efficiency ratios and developing a customized plan for increasing growth, profitability, and sustainability. Through highly cost effective business services our clients can achieve sustainable growth (SGR) and peak efficiency. Our consulting methodologies employ highly cost effective strategies for the highest Return On Investment, Return on Assets, Risk Management, Capital Management, Human Capital, Sustainable Investing, M&A initiatives, and strategic partnerships.

Our strategies begin with fundamental, and technical analysis taking into account micro and macro economics, industry standards, emerging markets, technology, and strategic imperatives. We analyze market standing, and agree on organizational targets for achieving specific short, medium, and long range goals. After we agree on goals, targets are set, developing specific projects, strategies and techniques to accomplish agreed upon goals. We assist and partners in implementing specific projects to bring the business in line with expectations. We monitor progress through fundamental, technical, and financial analysis tools charting the course to better efficiency and profitability. For more ideas on achieving competitive advantage, see Strategic Insights.

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