Our Debt management strategy is focused on Long Term Debt Conversion to Shareholder Equity Wealth quickly with our strategic Analytics platform, and award-winning software.  Our comprehensive Debt/ Equity Conversion Strategies, and Debt Capital Market Placement Advice can help quickly eradicate long term debt, maximize tax advantages, and provide increased shareholder wealth.

Our partner-led debt advisory approach helps companies raise, manage, and restructure debt capital. We provide essential refinancing and debt capital markets advice to mid-market companies, designing innovative financing solutions to help clients realize their strategic objectives. We cover debt capital raising, restructuring, private placement, M&A financing, direct lending, and bond issuance advice to clients. Our lender network spans the entire market, covering corporate and leveraged debt as well as asset-based lending. We provide mezzanine, unitranche and senior debt financing solutions to special situations across banks, institutional funds, and private capital providers.

For straight debt-equity conversion, we offer award winning software for accelerated debt-equity conversion on long term notes that reduce note terms by 70% For more than 20 years, Millennium’s global debt advisory team has helped clients achieve their capital-raising objectives. Focused exclusively on the large and continuously evolving credit markets, our bankers bring premier insights about current market terms and trends. We leverage our strong relationships with a wide range of private and public lending institutions, including commercial banks, private and public debt funds, business development corporations (“BDCs”) and equity capital providers, to find tailored solutions for each client.

Areas of Focus:


To optimize your success when pursuing capital-raising objectives, the right advisor is paramount. Our team helps navigate every phase of the financing, debt restructuring, and process, from the preparation of offering materials, through term sheet negotiation, lender selection, credit documentation and even funds flow on the closing date.

You’ll gain access to our relationships with over 500 capital sources worldwide and the ability to partner with a full deal team led by engaged, senior-level advisors, strategists, and bankers with deep experience. Working collaboratively across our platform, we bring industry knowledge, strategic insights, and capital markets expertise to each engagement.

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About the author

Millennium Capital is a multi strategy Private Equity, and Capital Advisory firm dedicated to helping businesses succeed with a full range of strategic finance services making both direct investments in operating companies as well as partnering with other private equity, venture capital firms, banks, and our strategic network of investors to provide long-term and short term financial solutions.