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We offer fast affordable, legal documentation, notary, legal notice publication, and process delivery services. Mobile and Digital Notary, Document Writing, and Process Services Help protect your family and business assets. Our fast 3 hour notary services verify the identity of the parties signing legal agreements, contracts, understandings, and others documents agreed upon by the signing parties to ensure voluntarily agreement required for compliance with legal standards. The notary certifies that the document signers have sworn and affirmed the truthfulness of the contents in the document.

Documents will  be notarized at your designated place of signing at a specified time for your convenience.  Typically, full notarization can be completed within 3 hours of placing the document notary order.  Pricing for all states are detailed below. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or simply purchase below. In the event that you don’t have the document we also offer document drafting and printing services for complete documentation.

Notary Price by State

Prices may vary based on the specific document to be notarized

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We Notarize the Following Documents

(Document Writing Services Available)

Affidavit Child Support Financial Disclosures Lease Agreement Power of Attorney (POA) Settlement Agreement
Annuity Documents Court Doc General Affidavits Legal Documents Probate Docs Spouse Waiver
Apostille Deed Transfer Guardianship Letters Purchase Agreement Tax Docs
Bank Affidavit Standby Guardian Health Care Proxy Medicaid Trust Quit Claim Deed Title Closing
Bank Closing Divorce Papers Home Re-loan Mortgage Re-certification Docs Title Transfer
Bill of Sale FAFSA I-9 Form NDA/SNDA Release Form Trust
Car / Vehicle Title Fingerprint Irrevocable Trust Passport Retirement Docs Witness
Commercial Lease Financial Aid Last Will & Testament Pension Document Revoke Power of Attorney 401K Form



Base Notary Price by State

(Price May Vary Depending on Document)



$59   Illinois $79   Montana $49   South Carolina $89
Alaska $79   Iowa $59   Nebraska $69   South Dakota $89
Arizona $79   Indiana $79   Nevada $89   Tennessee $89
Arkansas $79   Kansas $79   New Hampshire $69   Texas $79
California $99   Kentucky $59   New Jersey $89   Utah $79
Colorado $79   Louisiana $59   New Mexico $69   Virginia $69
Connecticut $79   Maine $79   New York $89   Washington $79
Delaware $79   Maryland $89   North Dakota $59   West Virginia $79
District of Columbia $89   Massachusetts $89   Ohio $69   Wisconsin $69
Florida $79   Michigan $69   Oklahoma $69   Wyoming $89
Georgia $79   Minnesota $99   Oregon $79      
Hawaii $99   Mississippi $59   Pennsylvania $59      
Idaho $79   Missouri $59   Rhode Island $59      


Process Service by State

New York and California $109 / All Other States $99

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We provide a full range of legal services including document preparation for business and estate estate planning, finance, corporate matters, M&A, employment,  intellectual property and more. 


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