We offer revolving business lines of credit from $5k to $500k, at 1.75% interest rate. Eligibility requires six months business history, $50k annual revenue, and a minimum 680 Credit Score. BLCs can be used for unexpected expenses, cash-flow shortages, purchase materials, equipment, inventory, and major PP&E acquisitions. allows you quick, easy access to your available funds. For commercial clients we offer up to $1 million at competitive interest rates, with interest-only payment options. Business credit line allows a business to borrow and will only be charged interest on the amount of money borrowed like a credit card.

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Millennium Capital is a multi strategy Private Equity, and Capital Advisory firm dedicated to helping businesses succeed with a full range of strategic finance services making both direct investments in operating companies as well as partnering with other private equity, venture capital firms, banks, and our strategic network of investors to provide long-term and short term financial solutions.