We fund from $5,000 to $5,000,000 for M&A Activities. Large Companies embark on strategic growth campaign through M&A initiatives, while smaller companies can reap multiple benefits from acquiring other companies, such as business synergies and economies of scale. In order to acquire another company, the buy-side must review different business acquisition financing options using a combination of sources that may include Company Funds, Equity, Earnout, Leveraged Buyout, Bank Loans, SBA Loans, Asset-Backed Loans, Issuing Bonds, Third-Party Financing, or Joint Ventures.

Our analytics and due diligence services ensures that the target will truly add value to your business with our buy-side due diligence analysis. You can obtain insight and the right documentation to get a clear valuation of the target business and its role in expanding your market reach. From the finance perspective, the vast majority of acquisitions involve some upfront cash payment, it’s remarkably rare to finance the entire deal in this manner.  We help guide to acquisition decision making, establishing a motive for the acquisition, create search criteria, research (access databases), outreach Intro meetings, making an offer, Due diligence, Closing. We help structure the acquisition process defining operative transaction agreement such as stock purchase agreement, legal opinions, obtain regulatory approvals, obtain evidence of third-party consents, evaluate consideration such as stock or cash, ancillary agreements, binding the offer, terms of funds transfer, and other considerations.

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Millennium Capital is a multi strategy Private Equity, and Capital Advisory firm dedicated to helping businesses succeed with a full range of strategic finance services making both direct investments in operating companies as well as partnering with other private equity, venture capital firms, banks, and our strategic network of investors to provide long-term and short term financial solutions.