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Legal  Document Writing

We prepare and write legal documentation required for compliance with contractual, legal, financial, business family, estate planning, and miscellaneous matters. We provide fast affordable, legal documentation, notary, and process services for  most legal requirements. Our team of legal analysts, paralegals, and experienced attorneys support most contractual business and family obligations such as estate planning, business operations, licensing, identification, as well as negotiation and dispute resolution  services. Documents size range from simple one page documents to complex 50 page documents.

Document Drafting Prices range from $20 to $1500 USD. Please contact us to request a quote.

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Legal Documentation Service

Document Drafting and Notary List

Affidavit Child Support Financial Disclosures Lease Agreement Power of Attorney (POA) Settlement Agreement
Annuity Documents Court Doc General Affidavits Legal Documents Probate Docs Spouse Waiver
Apostille Deed Transfer Guardianship Letters Purchase Agreement Tax Docs
Bank Affidavit Standby Guardian Health Care Proxy Medicaid Trust Quit Claim Deed Title Closing
Bank Closing Divorce Papers Home Re-loan Mortgage Re-certification Docs Title Transfer
Bill of Sale FAFSA I-9 Form NDA/SNDA Release Form Trust
Car / Vehicle Title Fingerprint Irrevocable Trust Passport Retirement Docs Witness
Commercial Lease Financial Aid Last Will & Testament Pension Document Revoke Power of Attorney 401K Form


Document Drafting Prices range from $20 to $1500 USD. Please contact us to request a quote.



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